I recently began a journey to discover more about my heritage through National Geographic’s Genographic Project, *  a study of the migration routes originating from the home of "Mitochondrial Eve" who lived in Africa 150,000 years ago. From this I discovered that I am part of a sub group called HAPLOGROUP K, a lineage arose on the Indian subcontinent, K appeared in Europe some 16,000 years ago, when  glaciers finally began to retreat.  As populations followed the retreating ice northward, the lineage's descendents spread throughout most of Europe. Tests have revealed that The Iceman,(aka Ötzi), the 5,200- year-old remains of a Copper Age man frozen in the Alpine glacier, belongs to HAPLOGROUP K.

When The Iceman - Ötzi, was discovered in 1991, I became interested in his story.  I finished my first large scale painting, "Iceman's Cape, Quiver + Arrows and Ax" in 1994 and another "Iceman,"  a front  and back view of the body, in 2003. That I am related to Ötzi is an amazing and wonderful thing to know.

* Genographic Project Website: