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"Robert Kennedy, 1963"
Oil on Wood
12" x 12"

"Bobby Kennedy was having lunch with his wife Ethel and some colleagues beside the pool at their Hickory Hill, Virginia home.  Suddenly a gardener came running toward them with a transistor radio in his hand, shouting something no one could understand.  Just then the telephone rang across the pool, Ethel went to answer.  It was J. Edgar Hoover.  Bobby walked over to take the call.  Ethel and their guest saw him “clap his hand to his mouth and turn away with a look of shock and horror on his face.  ‘Jack’s been shot, he said ‘It may be fatal.’  He walked back to the house to get more news and 20 minutes later he heard from a White House Aid and then it was confirmed by Hoover.  At 2:56 pm, Lyndon Johnson (the new President) was on the phone.”

**  Caro, Robert A. (2012) ”Annals Of History, THE TRANSITION: Lyndon Johnson and the Events in Dallas”, The New Yorker