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"Kitty Hsu, 1963"
Oil on Wood
12" x 12"

It was a somewhat cloudy Saturday in Taipei and ma, little sister, and I were at friends.  I can still see their yard, lots of us kids running about.  At some point, I went looking for ma, and wandered into a room where all the women liked to sit around, chat, and laugh.  Something wasn’t right.  They were staring at each other, at the TV, shocked and distraught.  I saw ma, she reached out to me, “President Kennedy was assassinated.”  “Who?”, I asked.  “The President of America was killed,” she said.  “Oh….”  I had no idea what that meant to America, or to the world, but I knew it was a big deal because ma and the other women were always happy when they visited with each other.  Not that day.

(Even though the event happened on Friday the 22nd in the United States, there is a half-day difference in time zone.  People were just hearing about this after waking up and turning on the news the day after.)