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"Cohn Drennan, 1963"
Oil on Wood
12" x 12"

I was only five, but I remember that day.  Our house was always beaming because it was always filled with laughter.  Mom and Dad were young, in love and sometimes things got a little frisky, and I would just smile.  But not that day, the house was solemn.  Neighbors would drop by and the adults would talk in hushed tones.  The phone would ring and mom would softly talk with her hand over the receiver.  I knew what was happening, it was right there on TV.  Walter Cronkite trying to keep the nation informed of what was happening and confirming the facts.  I knew John Kennedy was the President and that that was important.  Sort of like a king, but people voted you in so they liked you, and to be liked by that many people was beyond my comprehension.  I didn’t understand animation but that didn’t keep me from watching cartoons.  Actually, I thought cartoon characters were actors that wore special costumes.  But there weren’t any cartoons on that day as we sat in our living room, waiting and watching the TV while the men on the TV sat in front of cameras, waiting with us.