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"Ted Kallman, 1962"
Oil on Wood

14" x 14", framed

I was living in Miami, FL and remember our neighbors a couple of doors down had an in-ground swimming pool on the side of their yard that was converted to a bomb shelter when the Cuban Missile Crisis began heating up. They brought in thick iron plates to cover their pool, created some sort of entrance and living area in there.  We were not that friendly with them so we never knew the details but it seemed bizarre at the time. Over in Coral Gables, south of Miami, I had a college friend at Georgia Tech who was a pilot. His father was a pilot for Eastern Airlines and they had their own aircraft, a small Cessna. One afternoon around the time of the Crisis, we were flying and ended up South West of Miami – over the Everglades. Down there, we saw a bunch of anti-aircraft missile sites in the middle of the swamps. While circling around those sites, things got hairy – we were “buzzed” by Air Force fighter jets. They never came on the radio or anything but we got the sense that they did not want us there.