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"Mary Pinchot Meyer, 1962"
Oil on Wood
14" x 14", framed

On the night of October 22, Mrs. Kennedy hosted a small dinner party that included Mary Meyer. An hour before joining the guests, the President went on national television to announce that the United States planned to blockade Russian ships headed for Cuba unless they removed their nuclear missiles.
It was a declaration of war.
Mary and the President were more than friends. Secret Service and the White house logs show Mary signed in 15 times between October 1961 and August 1963. She was not a “one night stand” like the others.
We will never know what Mary’s thoughts on the Cuban Missile Crisis were, though we know she was at the center of his tight circle of  friends. Her diary’s were destroyed after her mysterious murder in October 1964, by those same friends.

* from “A Very private Woman: The Life and Unsolved Murder of  Presidential Mistress Mary Meyer,” Nina Burleigh