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"Marilyn Monroe, 1962"
Oil on Wood

14" x 14", framed

Two days before she died LIFE magazine quoted Marilyn as saying “It might be kind of a relief to be finished. It’s sort of like I don’t know what kind of a yard dash you’re running, but then you’re at the finish line and you sort of sigh – you’ve made it! But you never have – you have to start all over again. “
On August 5th 1962 Monroe was found dead in her bedroom, beside her bed an empty bottle of sleeping pills prescribed by her analyst the day before. The housekeeper who found the body called the analyst who had to break a window to enter the locked bedroom.
Marilyn was often seen dancing and in intimate conversations with Bobby and Jack Kennedy.
“There have been substantial claims that Monroe had affairs with both men and that Bobby was trying to break it off when she died.” She didn’t live to experience the Cuban Missile Crisis because of her own.