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Artemisia Gentileschi

Artemisia Gallery
Chicago, 1999

This exhibition began with a series of 28 lunar images which correspond to the actual phases of the moon during this fateful period of Artemisia's life. The locations are places with which she was familiar. They are also places which became familiar to me during my own stays in Rome. I visualize them as places of contemplation where she attempted to gather her thoughts concerning her predicament. Despite the historical distance, we can perhaps imagine the questions whe asked herself. Would he marry her, as promised? Did she care for him? Was she pregnant?What would her father think? Could she continue to paint?

The next portion of the installation is entitled Night-Sides, It comprises a grid of 12 images whose narrative describes this significant time in the life of the young artist.

Also included are a portrait of Artemisia posing for her father and portraits of some of the significant people in her life during this period.

The last wall has a painting of the bed on which the rape took place.

"One of her most memorable paintings is that of a rumpled, bloodied bed where a rape has obviously taken place illuminated by a single, flickering candle--a clear homage to the painter Caravaggio."

Jo Ann Lewis. The Washington Post. January 22, 2002. Washington DC.


























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